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At Jasper Beryl, we see huge untapped opportunities on the African continent. The rapid growth of African economies in the last decade coupled with its teeming population provide opportunities to make a perceptible difference in how businesses can leverage their human capital to drive further growth in an increasingly competitive business environment. .

We believe that deficient human capital development interventions lead to gaps in service delivery and implementation of both public and private sector initiatives. Therefore, our focus revolves around identifying these gaps, providing original solutions and assisting in the development of the human capital required to execute the solutions in timely and cost effective ways.

Our guiding ethos is creativity and ingenuity. We do not expend valuable time and energy re-inventing the wheel. Instead, we seek always to improve, adopt and adapt existing solutions where necessary to speed up the process and plug the resource gaps as quickly as possible.

Management consulting is all about identifying and effectively utilizing intellectual capital to meet the needs of the client at all times. We therefore hire the best into our team and also collaborate with organizations that share our vision and mission and have a compelling value proposition for their customers. This has uniquely positioned us to provide our diverse clients with original, innovative and first-class services.

  Jasper Beryl Consulting

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Our focus areas

  • Recruitment and Selection Engagement
  • Strategic Talent Management Initiatives
  • Learning and Development Interventions
  • Total Rewards Strategy
  • Organization Development Advisory
  • Employee Relations and HR Shared Services

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